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Coasters & Placemats


Large Placemats

Small Placemats

Coaster Size: 9cm Square / Circular
Place Mat Sizes: 19 x 23cm  &  23 x 32cm

Personalised Hardbosrd Coaster & Place Mat Price Table

1 x set of 4 Coasters   £12.00 1 Single Place Mat  19 x 23cm £7.00
1 x set of 6 Coasters   £14.00 1 x set of 4 Place Mats  19 x 23cm £19.00
10 Coasters   £18.00 1 x set of 6 Place Mats  19 x 23cm £28.00
20 Coasters   £30.00 1 Single Place Mat  23 x 32cm £9.00
50 Coasters   £72.00 1 x set of 4 Place Mats  23 x 32cm £25.00
100 Coasters   £140.00 1 x set of 6 Place Mats  23 x 32cm £36.00

These Prices include VAT & Free Delivery

Design your own personalised coaster
Make your own coasters and placemats for full colour printing right here on our website. These quality hardboard with a gloss finish coasters and placemats make great one-off gifts and promotional items that keep your message in front of your friends and customers every day. Create your own customised designs with your text and pictures, share your message with the world.

Simply select a blank template from the menu on left of this page and start adding your images and text. Don`t forget you can watch our "how-to" video to learn how to use our online design tools to customise your personalised coaster at any time by clicking the "How To Order" button at the top left of every page. 

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